SSSIHL is committed to a unique system that combines values-based education with academic excellence.
Read about the key contributing factors that make the university one of the most unique education models in the world. Learn how we integrate undergraduate and postgraduate programs and explore each Academic Department in depth.
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Academic Excellence at SSSIHL

The key contributing factors offer an insight to the unique learning environment that the Revered Founder Chancellor has purposefully designed. Also, get an overview of the academic programmes and departments, and view our academic calendar.


Faculty of Sciences

Dean: Prof. G Nageswara Rao

The Faculty of Sciences offers a range of integrated undergraduate, postgraduate and professional programmes across five departments. Research programmes are also offered in all Science departments.


Faculty of Management & Commerce


Undergraduate, professional and research programmes, including B.Com. (Hons.), B.B.A. and M.B.A. Programmes are offered by the Faculty of Management & Commerce.


Faculty of Economics & Humanities

Dean: Prof. R Prabhakara Rao

The Faculty of Economics & Humanities is the gateway to a variety of degree courses offered at the undergraduate, postgraduate and research level of study.


Sub-Departments & Other Languages

There are three sub-departments under the Faculty of Economics & Humanities, in addition to the Sub-department of Telugu Language & Literature. Furthermore, Hindi, and Sanskrit are taught as Other Languages in various undergraduate programmes of study.

The real sign of an educated person is his attitude of sameness towards all. He sees in society the manifestation of divinity. Every student should observe the three principles of equality, unity and cooperation. Education has to aim at ensuring peace and stability in each country by continuous precept and practice of the basic unity.
Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba 
Revered Founder Chancellor
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