The key focus of Research at SSSIHL is benefit to society
In these pages, you can explore research projects and publications by all the departments of the University, and read about new initiatives such as the Inter-disciplinary Science Colloquium
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Research at SSSIHL

According to our Revered Founder Chancellor, knowledge that is not translated into skills that benefit society is useless. Thus, research topics across all departments are chosen with great diligence, leading to translation research or directed basic research.


Faculty of Sciences

Dean: Prof. G Nageswara Rao

The Faculty of Science has made tremedous progress in Research over the last three decades. Scores of Doctoral Research students have graduated across the Science streams and the facilities, know-how and shared learning between the departments has facilitied high quality research.


Faculty of Management & Commerce


From Strategic planning in small to medium enterprises to researching models of social entrepreneurship in organizations to Financial Management and Services, the research at the Faculty of Management & Commerce is focused on the qualitative aspects of management and enterprise.


Faculty of Economics & Humanities

Dean: Prof. R Prabhakara Rao

The research at the Department of Economics often focuses on the role of ethics in the public and private sectors, whilst the Doctoral Research students at the Department of English Language & Literature persue probing and high quality research on a variety of topics.


Sub-Departments & Languages

Faculty from the Sub-Departments and Languages publish a number of high quality papers each year on a variety of topics.

Who is a Ph.D.? A Ph.D. is one who helps others through his research and develops the country. This is the true objective of doing a Ph.D.
Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Revered Founder Chancellor
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