The Alumni section elucidates the special bond that the students have with this unique institution.

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Overview of SSSIHL Alumni

The Sai students fraternity is a life-long bond that alumni share, not just with one another, but with the institutions set up by the Revered Founder Chancellor as well.


Alumni Impact Survey

A survey conducted in 2010 reveals how students practice what they learnt at the University, long after they graduated from the portals of the Institution. We present an infographical guide to some of the key findings.


Alumni Resources

These pages will provide links to the Alumni portals for both women and men alumni as well as other resources.

This University will confer on its alumni the courage and confidence, the knowledge and skill to shape their career by their own efforts, standing on their own legs and relying on their own strength.
Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Revered Founder Chancellor
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