Department of Mathematics & Computer Science 


To achieve excellence and recognition in teaching and research in the fundamental and applied areas of Mathematics, Computer Science and Computational Sciences, with a focus towards serving society at large.


The composition of the teaching faculty of the Department of Mathematics & Computer Science (DMACS) provides a mix of expertise in Mathematics and Computer Science. Given this unique position, DMACS is committed to fully exploit its potential and venture into interdisciplinary research. The Department offers excellent facilities for research and projects in theoretical as well as technological areas.
Non-linear dynamics, Differential Equations and Fuzzy set theory are active areas of research in Mathematics. High performance computing, Image, Speech and Signal processing, Computer Vision, Machine Intelligence, and Cryptography are major thrust areas in Computer science. A few areas of convergence like Natural Language Processing, Coding, Handwritten Character Recognition, Web Search Engines, Computational Mathematics and Computational Intelligence are also being developed. The faculty keeps abreast of the latest developments in their fields by access they have to the leading journals in their respective areas and also by way of collaborating with fellow researchers in academia, both in India and abroad.


The department publishes a biannual newsletter that highlights the academic and research activities and achievements of the department in the previous six-month period. It also serves as a platform for experts to share their technical knowledge through writing articles. The latest newsletters can be downloaded below.
DMACS Newsletter - Summer 2015
DMACS Newsletter - Winter 2014
DMACS Newsletter - Summer 2014
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