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Research Areas

The macroeconometric model specifies the statistical relationship of economic phenomenon under study, in order to capture complex and dynamic interrelationships among the various economic variables. It provides a suitable analytical vehicle for analyzing contemporary issues like tackling inflation, growth prospects in the medium to long term, trade and capital flows, impact of monetary, fiscal and exchange rate policies.
  • Two faculty members and one research scholar are pursuing their Ph.D. in this area on the topics modelling India’s external sector, Public debt management and modelling India’s Food inflation. Three research papers have been published in refereed national journals. Three M.A. in Economics dissertations have been done in this area. About Five research papers have been presented in various national conferences.
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Financial Econometric modelling is the mathematical and statistical representation of the behaviour of financial variables in explaining/influencing economic growth. The thrust is to analyze the financial system which includes financial markets, institutions and financial services in relation to the long run growth of the economy.
  • One faculty member is pursuing his doctoral research in the area of Financial Economics with an emphasis on Analysis and Modelling of Capital Markets and Economic Growth in Emerging Economies. Three research papers were published in refereed national journals. One topic in this area were selected for M.A. in Economics dissertations during the academic year. Five research papers were presented in various national conferences.
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Development economics focuses on how to promote economic growth in an economy by improving the conditions in the areas of health, education, infrastructure, etc. The emphasis is on analyzing the growth of various sectors of the economy such as agriculture, industry, services and trade, in promoting economic development.
Research Projects
  • Two research papers were published in this thrust area of research during the last academic year. One student has done their dissertations in the areas of growth of the coal sector in India.
  • Prof. B C Sutradhar, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada
  • Dr. Vandana Jowheer, University of Mauritius, Mauritius
  • Prof. Madhusudhan Mohanty, California State University, USA
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