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If we look at the philosophy and evolution of sports and the fine arts, we cannot miss the fact that the fundamental premise of sport, much like the fine arts, is to express energy channelised through an activity for realising the inner potential. Though competitive sport is a mode of bringing out ‘the best,’ the philosophy of sport and the fine arts has and will always be to express ‘one’s best.’ Every participant should be motivated to bring out his/her inner potential.
Throughout the academic year, at each campus of SSSIHL, students participate in a host of sports and cultural activities. Examples of these include:
  • Music, dance, drama, quiz, panel discussion and elocution.
  • Competitions in Veda chanting, stotra recitations and teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, to promote among students a deep understanding and appreciation of India’s rich and ancient culture and spiritual heritage
  • Painting, sketching/drawing, card-making, bookmark-making, preparation of useful articles out of waste
  • Musicians are given opportunities to sing devotional songs
During Dramas and the preparation leading to dramas, a number of students are involved in music, sets, lighting, costumes, makeup, etc., all of which hone their participative and leadership skills in organizing such functions. Students are also encouraged to come forward and speak in front of the university community on topics ranging from science to metaphysics, thus giving them an appropriate platform to develop their public speaking skills and to refine their thought process.
Students! You have distinguished yourself in a variety of games and sports. Although these games have a value of their own in the physical field, there is something greater than all of them - the game of life. Treat life itself as a big game. Play it. To achieve a good name and fame in this game of life, you have to cultivate good habits, good thoughts, good speech and good actions…Bharatiya culture is a composite of purity, divinity, sublimity, and beauty. This combination is reflected in sports and games.
Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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