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The Sri Sathya Sai System of Integral Education, mirrors to a large extent, the tried and tested ancient Indian gurukula system of education, of which the hostel forms a critical component. This residential component of student life is compulsory for every student admitted to SSSIHL.
A lot of thought and effort has gone into evolving this system at the University over the past three decades. The philosophy is based on the approach of community living wherein each one lives for the other and all live together for a common higher cause. Students hailing from different states of India, diverse cultures and varied economic and financial backgrounds live in dormitory-styled accommodation with 10-14 students staying together in a room. The Pan-Indian character of the University comes alive in the hostel. The hostel buildings too are aesthetically pleasing, thus creating a noble ambience for students to live in.
As a result, the hostel is a miniature model of the world outside with people of different habits, temperaments, lifestyles, language and outlook staying together and working. This develops the qualities of understanding, adjustment, sharing and caring amongst the students. It nurtures virtues like adaptability, tolerance and sacrifice; developing students into noble and responsible citizens.
The ambience in the hostel is suffused with both discipline and loving care. All research scholars and around one-fifth of the teaching faculty reside with the students in the hostel. The relationship between the students and teachers is very cordial and warm, and the teachers pay personal attention to the problems of each and every student. The teachers are chosen with extreme care to play an important role in this process. Many of them are alumni of the Institute, dedicated and well versed in integral education. They take active part not only in classroom instruction but also by providing help, guidance and general counselling to students whenever needed. At the hostel, they serve as facilitators and are available at all times for mentoring the students on personal and academic matters.
Personal cleanliness, punctuality and regularity, general behaviour, personal etiquette and room cleanliness – these are the major components of the discipline that is followed at SSSIHL hostels.
The hostel is also a self-sufficient unit housing all the basic necessities of the students, thus avoiding unnecessary movement of students outside the hostel premises. To minimise the possible negative influences, the students are encouraged to read inspiring literature, listen to elevating music and view meaningful audio visuals. Access to television is restricted primarily to news and informative documentaries. Weekly movie shows consist of themes such as patriotism, adventure, mythology, mystery, action and humour; and they are appropriately edited to suit the spirit of the system. The students are provided with nutritious vegetarian food.

Our life in the Hostel was in no way easy. We had to share a room with 13 other students and had to sleep on the floor. We had to eat sitting on the floor and were also called on to serve the food. All these were in addition to the strenuous assignments, tests and case presentations that we had to do. Added to this were the extensive cultural celebrations during every festival. Even today, years later, I still remember those days when I faced such pressure in my daily life. It was so perfect a training for a prospective manager.

N Vivek, Alumnus, SSSIHL
P S G College of Technology, Coimbatore
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