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Daily Prayers

Collective chanting of prayers and devotional songs at the start of the day is an everyday practice followed not just by the students and teaching faculty, but also the administrators, including the Vice-Chancellor. Prayers before meals and retiring at night are also offered everyday.
One of the most important features of the morning community prayer meeting is silent sitting. This is followed by group singing of multi-religious prayers or a talk by one of the students / faculty on topics related to morals and values. Similarly all tests and examinations – formal and informal, monthly and end-semester also start with prayers.

Thursday Moral Classes

At each campus, Thursday mornings begin with an hour of inspiring and ennobling talks by speakers focusing on their personal spiritual experiences, messages from sacred scriptures and other elevated and socially relevant themes. It is also used to highlight students’ talents in music, dramatics, elocution, debates, quizzes, etc.

Awareness Courses

These mandatory courses are designed to cultivate a broad view of the human condition in students. The course content (e.g. the Unity of Religions and Faiths, Study of the Indian Epics, etc.) helps trigger self-reflection and enquiry and sensitises students to the concerns of society, and gets them to think about practical solutions to these problems.
In this University, we must teach the importance and meaning of human values. We do not value education which does not uplift man and make him aware of his Divine Reality. Means of Living and the Goal of Living are the two wings; the two wheels are material and spiritual, skill and sadhana.
Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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