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In line with the commitment to further the process of Integral Education at SSSIHL, a workshop on Integral Education is conducted on an annual basis in the end of May every year. It brings together faculty members and research scholars across all the SSSIHL campuses. They are invited to participate and share ideas, experiences and best practices with respect to the process of Character Building in the distinctive Integral Education Model of SSSIHL.
The intent of the workshop is to provide a forum to build camaraderie and to stimulate discussion, new insights and experience sharing. The key administrative officers of the University are also part of this workshop.
Each workshop forms a part of a series of meetings, with a long term view of deliberation on the problems, solutions and new ideas, which the faculty and scholars come together to discuss. The objectives of the workshop are to deliberate on the domains of the Integral System of education of the University, its components, its critical success factors, the role of teachers and the like.
Over and above the tangible aspects of it, a lot of time during these workshops is spent discussing the fact that the critical success of this model of education depends largely on the intangible aspects of it. These include factors such as:
  • Clarity of the University’s Vision and Mission 
  • Focus on the Revered Founder Chancellor’s Principles and Messages 
  • Alignment to His Expectations 
  • Unity among staff and faculty
  • Striving for excellence in their roles
  • Harmony between thought, word and deed
These workshops involving the University faculty and administrators are conducted annually as per the wishes of the Revered Founder Chancellor, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, who has always been personally involved and set an example for everyone to follow.
The workshop, typically held over two days, normally holds a series of fourteen sessions that cover the various dimensions of the University (Spiritual, Discipline, Behaviour, Physical, Cultural and Service), and discusses the innovative models for integral items. Feedback from individuals during breakout sessions is duly noted and the workshop concludes with a roadmap for the future.
During the course of the Academic Year, the deliberations continue via meetings, both formal and informal, to ensure that the outcomes from the workshop are put into practice.
Aspire for educare, which is related to the heart. Education is related to the head. What goes through the head are mere passing clouds. They do not remain permanent. However, the heart is the store-house of all human values like compassion, right behaviour, right conduct, discipline, dedication, devotion etc. The head generates only knack. This is definitely harmful for you. Aspire to seek the education of the heart instead.
Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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