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  1. Sports Captains welcome Bhagawan Baba with reverence

  2. Releasing Baloons during the inauguration of an Annual Sports & Cultural Meet

  3. Releasing Doves at the inauguration of an Annual Sports & Cultural Meet

  4. The special squad escorting the University flag to be hoisted by the Revered Founder Chancellor

  5. Students March Past

  6. Being escorted by Women students

  7. Students Jumping through a ring of fire

  8. Yogasana by students on Motorbikes

  9. Students performing Lion Dance

  10. Bhagawan witnesses students at an aero sports practice session, Sri Sathya Sai Airport

  11. Paragliding by students

  12. A Balancing Act

  13. Students with giant puppets

  14. Martial Arts by women students

  15. Students perfoming on an aerial grid

  16. Students preparing a Shivalinga to be used as a prop for the Annual Sports Meet

  17. A Dance Performance by students

  18. Students on roller skates

  19. Students receiving a trophy from Bhagawan

  20. Students receiving a trophy from Bhagawan

  21. Students in Go-karts with Bhagawan

  22. A panoramic shot of students performing at the Sri Sathya Sai Hill View Stadium during the Annual Sports & Cultural Meet

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