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At the core of the effort to bring about a change in the world lies the effort to transform oneself. It is critical to evaluate this journey of personal transformation that started at the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning.
A majority of Alumni said that love of and faith in God, positive thinking, contentment, forbearance, love for fellow beings, discrimination, patience and adaptability were among the main qualities they acquired while at the university. They expressed that lessons learnt rippled into each sphere of life and in turn touched all those with whom they came in contact.
A few responses from some of the respondents:
“It has made me accept things and people around me in a positive way. I have started loving people for what they are.... tolerance and acceptance levels have increased...”
“It has made my life very meaningful... I learnt to lead a disciplined life... It has shaped me to be always positive and contented.”
“The strong impact of the Sathya Sai Education system has made my life very meaningful. It has helped me to contribute to society, to understand other people better, to make a difference in bringing up my children and to have a living God in my heart every moment.”

Impact on Home Life

One of the aspects of personal transformation that the survey from the Anatapur Campus alumni emphasized was the impact of their educational experience on home life. One of four respondents stays at home in order to take care of the family and in addition to respond to the needs of the immediate neighborhood. We found that many of those who are home makers take time to conduct Balvikas classes and thereby influence the neighborhood children with values-based education.
Qualities such as patience, forbearance, adaptability, contentment and time management, acquired during their stay at their alma mater, have helped both home makers as well as those who work outside the home to achieve a fine work-life balance.

Do they still follow the routine?


The investigation reported on above uncovered many examples of acts done with great love, through which the alumni from this university are impacting the world around them. To conclude with a broad, but quite pertinent generalization, both the surveys’ findings provide a profile of alumni who, in their everyday interactions, be it at the workplace, at home or in the society, are striving to be good global citizens who live a simple, truthful and righteous existence, appreciate the connectedness and interdependence of life and consistently engage in selfless service.
The performance of the University alumni in their respective professions and institutions and in their social and family life is evidence of the success of the experiment of values-based integral education offered at the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, over the last 3 decades.
The lessons learnt by the students in the portals of this University are not confined to the period of their stay in the University alone. They carry these lessons and the message of the Revered Founder Chancellor into the wide world and strive to get a good name for themselves, their parents and the University. This is the expectation of the Revered Founder Chancellor from each of the students graduating from the University.

A seed is soaked in water and then germinates and grows into a plant and a tree. Reflecting on the last 20 years, I feel that the years spent in the University is comparable to the time when the seed is soaked in water – the water of love and discipline. Over the years, to my own astonishment and joy, the seed has germinated and grown into a plant. I have developed qualities I never knew I had, I never knew I had learnt. Without my awareness, these qualities and abilities continue to be developed within me.

Nirmala Sekhar
Anantapur Campus Alumnus, Software Consultant
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