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Projects & Dissertations

Academic Year 2016/17


Name Project Title Supervisor
Anvit Manohar Hegde Evaluating Alternative Growth Strategies for Small Scale Tissues Paper Manufacturing Unit Dr. Sanjay Mahalingam
Aravindh B A Comparative Study of the Channels of Savings available to the Poor Dr. B Chandra Sekhar
Ashish Patnaik A business proposal for creating a people’s group for producing and marketing handicrafts in the state of Odisha Prof. Radhakrishnan Nair
Aswin Rajagopal Strategies for developing the levels of Employee Engagement in Public Sector Banks and Private Sector Banks Prof. Radhakrishnan Nair
Atma Swaroopa Securitization in India: A Study of Different Structures and Asset-Backed Transactions Sai Manohar S
Bharatesh H V Study of the Effectiveness of Financial Inclusion Programs on the usage of Bank accounts by Rural Poor Dr. B Chandra Sekhar
B M S Sai Pragnan Formulating Volunteer Attraction Strategies for NGOs with special focus on Sri Sathya Sai Organization Prof. Radhakrishnan Nair
B Sai Lakshman A Comparative Study on the Performance of Select Indian Commercial Banks using CAMELS Approach Sri V N Prakash Sharma
Challa Lokesh An Exploratory Study of Social Impact Measurement Methods for Social Enterprises in India Sri A Hejmadi
Chandrahaas C S A Study of Drivers that Affect the Scalability of Social Enterprises in India Sri A Hejmadi
Chandra M L A Study of the Performance of Select Mutual Funds in India Sai Manohar S
C Murali Krishna A Study on Drivers of Employee Engagement in Organisations Prof. Radhakrishnan Nair
Gagandeep L Shetty A Study on Foreign Exchange Risk Management Practices of Indian MNCs Dr. Subramanian S
Harinandan R A Study on Liquidity Risk Management of Select Commercial Banks in India Dr. Subramanian S
J Viswanadha Dattatreya A Study on the Application of Customer Centricity in Organisations Sri A Hejmadi
Kamal Saurabh Yadav A Study of Effective Commercial Communication Channels in Bhojpuri Speaking Areas of India Sri A Hejmadi
K Anil Kumar A Study on Good HR Practices for Employee Retention in IT-Sector Industry Prof. Radhakrishnan Nair
Kartik Chandana Effect of GST on Logistics Sector in India – Aspects and Prospects Dr. Deepak Anand
Keshavan K Impact of Critical Factors on Credit Rating of Select Indian Infrastructure Companies Dr. B Sai Giridhar
K Sree Nagavasta Enhancing the Performance of Engineering College using QFD Dr. Sanjay Mahalingam
Kurre Sai Rahul A Study on How HR Dovetails with the Organizations Strategy Prof. Radhakrishnan Nair
L Vishal Corporate Financial Distress Prediction using Logit and Probit Regression techniques   Dr. B Sai Giridhar
Manikanta B V A Marketing plan for starting Serviced Apartments at Chikkamangaluru, Karnataka Sri A Hejmadi
N Prateek Naidu Fraud Risk Management in Indian Banks: Current Trends and Practices Dr. B Sai Giridhar
N Vinay Sai A study of Value Creation Models with Industrial Wastes – Case Studies of Select Organizations Dr. Deepak Anand
P Tharun Kumar Application of Business Analytics & Business Intelligence in Indian Industries – A Comparative Study Dr. Deepak Anand
P Varun Kumar A Study of Select Indian Startups by Developing VUCA Model Dr. B Sai Giridhar
Prathamesh D Jadhav A Study of the Characteristics of Stocks that have shown Superior Long Term Performance Dr. Subramanian S
Rajt K Rajan A Study on Social Customer Relationship Management Activities of Royal Enfield Dr. Sanjay Mahalingam
Rajat Prafulla Shastri An Empirical Study on Impact of Capital Structure Decisions on Liquidity and Stock Returns Sai Manohar S
R Avinash A Stock Return Prediction Model Using the Kernel nearest neighbour Algorithm Dr. Subramanian S
S Rohit Kumar A Study of Customer Perceptions, Expectations and Positioning Challenges of Motorcycles in the Range of 200-400CC in Bangalore Sri A Hejmadi
Rohit Ramakrishna A Study on Implied Volatility and Put-Call Ratio in the Indian Options Market Dr. Subramanian S
Sagar Last Mile Delivery of Financial Services: A Study of some Recent Initiatives Dr. Deepak Anand
S Sai Krishnan Outsourcing Decision Making Using Analytic Hierarchy Process Dr. B Sai Giridhar
Sai Kumar S A Study on Adoption of Converging Technologies and Consumer Buying Behavior in Indian Retail Dr. Sanjay Mahalingam
Sai Parikshit Shetty A Study on Implementation of Basel III Norms Sri V N Prakash Sharma
S Sai Swaroop Performance Evaluation of Select Commercial Banks in India An Empirical Study Sri V N Prakash Sharma
Sandeep S Chavan Study on Financial Technological (FinTech) Companies and their Impact on Baking Sai Manohar S
Sankar R A Study on Marginal Cost of funds based Lending Rate (MCLR) and its effect on Monetary Transmission with select Indian Commercial Banks Sri V N Prakash Sharma
Santhosh B Nagouda Challenges of Digital Payments in Rural India Sai Manohar S
Sashi Kumar Pande Study of Relationship Between Merger Arbitrage Spread and The Influencing Independent Variables During the Merger Activity of US Companies Dr. B Chandra Sekhar
Sayyed Dadapeer A Study on Performance Management Systems and Performance Appraisals Prof. Radhakrishnan Nair
Sharath N Financing of E-Commerce and Starts-ups in India Sai Manohar S
Sharma Umakant Valuation of Private Companies from Select Industries Dr. B Sai Giridhar
Shreyas S Nayak Challenges in Setting Up a Rural FMCG Marketing Channel in Udupi District (Karnataka State) - A Case Study Sri A Hejmadi
S Sai Aditya A Study of How an Organization Creates a Climate of Caring Prof. Radhakrishnan Nair
S Obulapathi A Study on Understanding of Consumer Behaviour of Mobile Banking Sri V N Prakash Sharma
Sourabh Kumar Pramanik Balanced Scorecard as A Performance Measurement Tool In Indian Banking Industry Prof. Radhakrishnan Nair
Sriprashant V Impact of Perceived Social Responsibility on Employee Satisfaction: Case of Employees in India Dr. N Siva Kumar
S V Krishnan Growth Investment Strategies for Wealth Creation of Individuals Dr. B Sai Giridhar
Vicky P Dingra A Study of Innovations in Insurance Sector Sri V N Prakash Sharma
Vijay Kumar V A Study on the Effectiveness of Value Investment Strategies in the Indian Stock Market Dr. B Sai Giridhar

Anmol Tamang 

Study of Consumer Behaviour in Mobile Web usage and Opportunities for Mobile Advertisements in Darjeeling Town Region Sri A Hejmadi
Jyoti Sudha Venkatesh A Study on Factors Affecting Buying Behavior of Smartphone Users (With Reference to Mumbai Metropolitan Region). Dr. (Mrs.) N Jayaprada
Annapurna R Organizational Culture in Oushadhi: A Study using OCTAPACE Model. Ms. B Vyshnavidevi
B Lokeshwari Socio-Cultural Dynamics of First Generation Women Entrepreneurs in Telangana State. Dr. T R Rajeswari
Bhavyasree Nair Planning in Panchayats- A Study in Melur and Pariyaram Panchayats in Kerala. Dr. U Suma
Chebrolu Venkata Naga Sai Renuka A Cost-Effective Prototype Solution for Finance Accountability using MATLAB-GUI for Waste Management. Dr. Ch Radha Kumari
Giyyar Vindhya Sahithi Credit Evaluation and Credit Appraisal System for MSME Sector in State Bank of Hyderabad. Mrs. Akanksha Agarwal Shet
Golakoti Yamini Ratna Bhanu A Descriptive Study on The Factors Affecting Double Jobbing. Mrs. Pushpa M
K Sai Sruthi Green Investing: Development Shorn of Depletion-
Dr. T R Rajeswari
Makkena Lalithya Sai Promoting Digital Healthcare through Social Media – An Exploratory Study. Ms. Kirti Kiran
Mandaleeka Lalitha Kavya Employee Engagement: A Strategic Priority (A Study on Professionals at GE Healthcare, Bangalore) Dr. G Padmavathy
Pallavi C N Green SMEs: A Critical Analysis of its’ Opportunities and Challenges. Dr. Swetha Thiruchanuru
Pelluri Vineetha A study on Effectiveness of Performance Management System in Dr. Reddys Labs Dr. G Padmavathy
Priti Saigal Green Banking: An Eco-Conscious Initiative in HDFC Bank Dr. T R Rajeswari
J Sai Kiran Values Based Management Concepts from the Discourses of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Dr. N. Jayaprada
Saipriya K A Study on Employee Performance in Indian Railways with special reference to EMU Workshop at Chennai (Tambaram) Dr. G Padmavathy
Sarangi M Role of mHealth in Evolving Healthcare Environment – A Study of Citizen Perspective in India Prof. Ch. Radhakumari
Smrithi Baiju FinTech Revolution: A Step Towards Digitization of Payments. Prof. Ch. Radhkumari
Sowmya Perugupalli Volunteer Management: A Study in Select Non-profit Organizations Dr. U Suma
V Srilekha A Study of Amway Distributors: Their Motives, Personalities, and Problems Dr. U Suma
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