Department of Education


Psychology Lab
The Psychology lab is well equipped with multiple sets of the following Apparatus & Psychological tests related to Educational Psychology.
  • Alexander Pass Along Test Of Intelligence
  • Koh’s Block Design Test Of Intelligence
  • Mirror Drawing Apparatus – Metal Star
  • Mirror Drawing Apparatus – Printed Star
  • Speed and Accuracy test
  • Cup Ball Instrument
  • Concept formation Cards
  • Thematic apperception test
  • Personality test
  • Imagery Test
  • 16 PF personality Test
  • Intelligence test
  • Anxiety test
  • Aptitude test
  • Aspiration test
  • Attention Board
  • Attitude test
  • Relativity test-Verbal
  • Relativity test- Non-Verbal
  • Interest Inventories L.T.M and S.T.M
  • Memory Socio-Economic Status
  • Teacher Values Inventory
  • Value Orientation Scale
  • Study of Values
  • A new-test of Value
  • Eight Value test
  • Personal value Questionnaire
  • Teacher’s Value Inventory
  • Value Test
  • Moral Judgment Test
  • Teacher effectiveness scale
Technology Lab
The lab is well equipped with the hardware and software required for information technology (IT) literacy.
  • Color Television, Video Recording system
  • 16mm Film Projector
  • 16mm Films
  • 35mm slide cum Film Strip projector
  • Over Head Projector (OHP) with screen
  • Audio Aids:Tape Recorder
  • Still Camera Set
  • Educational Film Cassettes
  • Computers (Desktops & Laptop)
  • Educational C.D’s
  • Educational Videos
Science Lab
The Science laboratory is well equipped with multiple sets of apparatus, charts, models, glassware items and teaching aids to perform and demonstrate experiments related to school Curriculum.
The department also has a separate departmental Library equipped with texts, reference books, educational encyclopedias and journals on teacher education.

Facilities Upgraded

Upgraded the existing computer systems and installed four desktop PCs and other equipment including an LCD projector, printer, handycam digital camera and a television set.
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