Department of Economics


To produce socially responsible students with sound knowledge in economic theory and its applications in order to equip them to serve positions of responsibility in government, international bodies, the corporated sector, universities and research institutions.


The department of Economics aims to equip students with suitable quantitative and analytical skills to enable them to successfully handle the complex economic challenges of the modern global world. Specially designed courses have been developed to sensitize students to the ethical and human dimensions of Economics.
The fine element of this design is to strike a balance between a rigorous training that has been made essential to acquire adequate skills in the use of computer software and large scale databases to arrive at scientifically correct solutions and promoting deep understanding of theories, providing a wide-view of Economics as a “Social Science”.
The core courses offered are intended to provide a well-balanced training in Economic Theory, contemporary applied economic problems, including Finance, Public Economics, and Quantitative Methodology so as to build the essential tools for economic analysis of problems arising in a variety of contexts. Electives or optional courses permit students to acquire a more advanced training in the branches of their choice. In a majority of the courses, the Indian Economy is kept in clear focus.
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