Department of Chemistry


To equip students with in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of Chemistry. To explore and promote translational research on environment, health and energy with specific focus on thrust areas dealing with Sensors & Sensing technology, Bioprocessing & Bio-remediation, Nutraceuticals & Anti-oxidants and Nanotechnology and Plasmonics.


The objective of the Department is to bring together related topics that are tradionally treated seperate under the major branches of Chemistry, such as inorganic, organic and physical. The emphasis is on in-depth understanding of the fundamental principles and giving training in appropriate computational and experimental methods. Besides the regular teaching of the subject, value orientation (i.e. blending values in the subjects taught) in innovative ways, is the constant endeavour of the department. A student graduating with an M.Sc. degree in Chemistry, will be exposed to every aspect of the subject - theoretical, applied, instrumental, computational and experimental, in tune with the latest advancements in sciences, which are essential to mould students into able and noble scientists of the future.
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