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The holistic approach to education that SSSIHL imparts is based completely on the life, teachings and direct precepts of its Revered Founder Chancellor, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Given below is a brief introduction to the university’s Vision, Mission, and Philosophy as laid down by its Revered Founder Chancellor.
This culminated in defining the Core Purpose of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning (Deemed to be University), which is highlighted at the bottom of the page.

The Underlying Philosophy

The Sai educational institutions have been established not merely to enable students to earn a living but to make them acquire good traits, lead ideal lives, and give them ethical, moral and spiritual strength. I have established them with a view to inculcate love and teach good qualities to students. They will learn here humility, discipline and faith.
I have established these institutions to impart spiritual education as a main component and worldly education as a secondary one. Education should enable one to cultivate good qualities, character and devotion. The teaching of the university curricula is only the means employed for the end, namely, spiritual uplift, self-discovery and social service through love and detachment.
This will be a Gurukula - a place where teachers and taught will grow together in love and wisdom - and like the ancient system of education, it will develop in its students a broad outlook and promote virtues and morals, which serve to foster noble ideals in society.
This Institute will be a temple of learning where youth are shaped into self-reliant, contented and enterprising heroes of action and self-sacrifice, for the purpose of serving humanity.
Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Revered Founder Chancellor

The Vision

To assist generations of students acquire Self-knowledge (Atma Vidya) and Self-confidence (Atma Vishwas), so as to cultivate Self-sacrifice and earn Self-realisation; thereby moulding them into leaders who will benefit society.

The Mission

To mould well-rounded holistic individuals – professionally sound, socially responsible and spiritually aware – who embody noble values and a right attitude, through Educare (Integral Education based on Human Values) that caters to the physical, intellectual, emotional, psychological and spiritual dimensions of the human personality.

In specific terms, the Core Purpose of the university is:

The Core Purpose

To impart true, ideal education, and mould students as ideal citizens wedded to the service of society.
To provide the youth with an education which, while cultivating their intelligence, will also purify their impulses and emotions and equip them with the physical and mental disciplines needed for drawing upon the springs of calmness and joy that lie in their own hearts.
To help students to cultivate self-knowledge and self-confidence, so that each one can learn self-sacrifice and earn self-realisation.
To blossom students as true representatives of Bharatiya Samskriti, spreading tolerance, charity and brotherhood throughout the World.
To equip students for the role of future leaders of India, as persons of integrity and character, as embodiments of truth, justice (righteousness), peace and love; and to confer on them the courage to stand up against injustice, indiscipline, immorality and falsehood.
This Institute has not been established just to prepare you for earning degrees…Teaching you the University curricula, preparing you for the university examinations, and awarding you university degrees – these are only means employed for the end, namely – spiritual uplift, Self-discovery and social service through love and detachment. Our objective is to provide the youth with an education, which while cultivating their intelligence will also purify their impulses and emotions, and equip them with the physical and mental disciplines needed for drawing upon the springs of calmness and joy that lie within their own hearts. Our hope is that by their lives, they will be shining examples of spiritual awareness and its beneficial consequences to the individual and society.
Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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