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Right from its inception, the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning has integrated ethics and values as the undercurrent of every subject taught at the university. Combined with academic excellence, the university provides a holistic framework of inter-personal development for its students. Its compulsory residential character trains the mind, body and spirit of the student in an environment similar to the ancient Indian ‘gurukula’ system of education, in the most modern context.
The university strives at every level to blend the Academic (Secular) aspects of learning with that of Character Building (Spiritual), as depicted in the ‘Temple of Learning’ diagram. This helps students develop a wholesome and balanced personality, one where academic competence is supplemented with good character.

SSSIHL Temple of Learning

An Ideal Sai Student

In the words of the former Director General of CSIR-India, Dr. R A Mashelkar, the university strives to develop students with “innovation in the head, compassion in the heart and passion in the belly. “
The objective is to achieve a balance between the head, heart and hands along with an ideal blend of ability and nobility.
The diagram of ‘An Ideal Sai Student’ depicts this balance. The component of the ‘heart’ is usually not catered to in the conventional system of education. Thus, the university aims at producing good human beings with an ideal blend of ability and nobility.
The Revered Founder Chancellor observes, “Knowledge, when skilled, leads to balance which in turn provides insights about the application of knowledge for the benefit of society.” He therefore desired (as shown in the diagram below) that students graduating from this university should possess:
the Head of Shankara that symbolizes knowledge leading to wisdom
the Hands of Janaka that symbolizes knowledge translated to skills for societal benefit
the Heart of Buddha that symbolizes compassion to balance the head with the hands

An Ideal Sai Student

Blessed indeed are the students who have had the privilege of going through an education programme which combines deep appreciation of the method of modern science and technology and the ancient Indian knowledge and wisdom accumulated over the centuries. This type of education can be a powerful means of self-perfection and social redemption.

Dr. Manmohan Singh
Prime Minister of India
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